Because Cinquante jewellery is made from solid brass & sterling silver, it is crucial that when you aren’t wearing your Cinquante bling, you store them correctly to avoid tarnishing. Some things to keep in mind to slow down the tarnish process are:

1. Keep them in a dry, cool place away from sun & warmth.

2. Keep them away from lotion, perfume, water and especially hair spray!

3. Give them a day off to limit wear & tear.

4. Every now & then give them a polish with our specialised polishing cloth that you should have received with your purchase (if it was over $50) or polish it with some Brasso for brass & Silvo for sterling silver.

Have you ever been lost for ideas on how to store your precious jewels apart from the obvious glass vintage jewellery box? This article by Emily Ramshaw explores a few creative options to keep them safe and untangled!

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